Fitting Process

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Our Fitting Process

Getting the right fit is essential to improve your game. Using TrackMan technology, our employees will get you the best possible fit to optimize your consitency and drop your scores. Gettting custom fit clubs costs no more than buying them off the rack. Our fitting is no additional cost; our gift to the customer. However, if the purchase is NOT made there is a two hundred dollar fitting fee.

Driver Fittings

There are ideal launch and flight characteristics based upon an individual's swing speed. Using TrackMan we have an unbeatable combination to achieve these optimal numbers. Let us build your driver that suits your eye and outperforms anything you have played before.

Iron Fitting

The best barometer to determinethe caliber of a player is how many greens in regulation they hit in a round of golf. Therefore, it is essential for you to be playing a properly fit set of irons. Using the TrackMan we can determine your bag makeup, the best design, shaft flex,club length, lie angle, grip type,and grip size best suited to YOU!!!

Wedge Fitting

Using TrackMan we will determine the best lofts and bounce angles for you to perform your best from the sand, rough, and around the green. TrackMan will determine how far these wedges fly and are fitted to the correct distances you require for a full shot from the fairway.

WholeBag Fitting

Desgin a whole bag of clubs that is completely suited to your game, from the driver all the way to your putter. Using TrackMan technology, ensure that all fourteen of your clubs are perfectly suited to your needs. Perform your best!!


Find the carry and overall distances of every club in your bag. Evaluating the gaps in distance between your clubs will determine whether the fourteen clubs in your bag are suited for your game. Ideally we would like to see consistent yardage gaps betweent them, from the driver through to your shortest wedge.